How do we hear God?

In our recent mini-series on Worship and gifts, we saw that there are 3 key reasons for gathering to worship. These are: To glorify God, to encourage each other and to hear God speak.

So how do we hear God speak?  What can we know about God from the world around us? Is it possible for us to use our reasons to discover the truth about God? Why is the Bible so important? What part do things like prophecy, words of knowledge, dreams and visions have to play in the church today.

Our E-Book “How do you know?” looks at these key questions and is available from our Publications Page. On

How do you know? Brings together all of the articles from our first major series of articles on The thesis that underpins Faithroots is that what we believe about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation will affect how we believe.  OAs well as publishing mini-series and one off articles on various topics, one of our aims is to look at each of those big topics in depth. We started with “How do you know?” looking at the question of how we know the truth about these things. We are currently running a series about “Who is God?” When this series is complete we will also make those articles available as an e-book from our publications page.