Announcement – A new partnership for training Gospel workers and urban church planters



One of our desires as a church has been to encourage church planting and revitalisation across Sandwell, The Black Country and West Birmingham. Church planting means that we are going to need church planters …lots of them. And that means that those planters are going to need to be trained and equipped so they can handle God’s Word well as they seek to evangelise, teach and care for a growing church community.Now for some people, the simplest and the best way to get trained is to head off to Bible College for 3 or 4 years, stay on campus and commit to full time study. However, that’s not the right or even possible route for everyone. For some, the cost will be prohibitive, for others there’s the challenge of uprooting family and moving away from the mission field they are already serving in. Some of us are practical hands on learners and we grow in knowledge and skills better by getting stuck in.

So, we’re really excited to be working with Union School of Theology based in Bridgend Wales. UST offer learning communities which enable potential Gospel workers to study part time for a Graduate Diploma in Theology without moving or commuting to their campus in Bridgend.

If you joined the programme here at Bearwood Chapel, you would be based locally in the West Midlands. You would be able to serve as part of a local church growing in your gifts and you would study via online media. You would also have the benefit of learning with others, meeting weekly as a community for tutorials and discussion mentored by Dave Williams, pastor at Bearwood Chapel.

The course would account for half of your working week. So, what would you do with the rest of it? Well, some students will still need to work part time in order to support their families and this course will enable you to do that. Others will find that this creates even more time for hands on ministry experience. That might include getting involved in supporting existing ministries at Bearwood Chapel or other local churches. However, what we’d really like to see where possible would be people using this opportunity to move into a local community, start to build up relationships with neighbours and seeing a fledgling Gospel community start to take shape.

If this sounds like something you could get involved in, or you know someone it might be right for, please get in touch either with Dave

via our contact page or on his mobile phone 07791 622122

or with Union via their enquiries form .

Do check out Union’s website for more information about their courses and their other sites and learning communities. Also please check out our PlantBC page for more information about our vision for urban church planting.