Church life and social media

Social media can be a great help and a great hinderence. Here are some quick jottings


We use our twitter account to promote events, link to articles and keep people up to date with what is happening.  It’s good for people to see a snippets showing all aspects of church life, Sometimes I engage with a conversation even on controversial topics when there’s a link to something we’ll be looking at in our preaching or on Faithroots.


These are a great resource. Here on Faithroots we are able to cover issues and topics in more depth than we can in a single sermon.

One area of debate is the benefit of opening up comments. This can promote feedback and conversation.On the other hand,  both from what I’ve seen elsewhere and here on Faithroots, often even when there are lots of comments, it’s usually the same few people involved. Comments can encourage engagement but can also encourage someone to focus on sharing their own views rather than engaging fully with what has been said, So I kind of work on the basis that if someone  wants to write their own article, they can…on their own site or as  guest  contributer. They can also email, phone, text, speak to me in person.  Discussion forums serve a different purposes.



A great place for sharing church news, inviting people to events, sharing photos etc. Also those linked can drop in their own comments, news, prayer requests etc.


Over the years I’ve also noted that Facebook can be the starting place for problems.  People who are old enough to know better end up getting into arguments,  disliking un-friending etc



Our Nueva Vida congregation have been making use of a watts app group as a place to encourage each other,  share Bible verses, ask for prayer etc.


Social media should never replace good old fashioned face to face conversation.