The Resurrection means (3) That the Gospel is the most important thing

What is most important to me? What am I known for? Someone once said that whilst we may officially say that certain things are the priority and essential, actually people will pick up on what we are passionate about and those are the things that will rub off on others.

What is the first thing that someone would identify with you?

          Your favourite TV programme, sports team, pop group

          Your views on Brexit, Donald Trump, the Labour Party

          Something else

          That you know Jesus as Lord and Saviour

It should really always be the last thing shouldn’t it. Not that we don’t have lots of other things to talk about, not that we should be cheesy or overbearing about it. But shouldn’t that passion and priority radiate through our conversations, blogposts, face book status, tweets etc.?

What about our church -what is of first importance to our congregation?