The Resurrection Means (4) That what we do here matters

The Gnostic idea that physical matter is bad and spirit good has its roots in the same paganism that led people to deny resurrection.

Resurrection tells us that the physical world and our bodies matter and have value.  We will be raised. Matter is not evil. We are not just trying to escape from it.

So, resurrection means that what we do here matters because physical things have value This means it does matter that I try to live a healthy life and look after my body. It means that work has value. Caring for creation matters. Architecture, engineering, art etc all reflect a resurrection orientated perspective on the goodness of God’s creation.

Even more importantly, what I do here matters because resurrection means that one day I will see Christ face to face and be like him. John says that if we have this hope then we will purify ourselves. When I am raised, I will stand before Christ and give an account. This should motivate me towards sanctification. It will encourage me to put to death sinful desires. It commands me to leave behind bitterness. It calls me to forgive and be forgiven.