Happy New Year -and welcome to new readers


Happy New Year to all our faithroots.net readers. We hope you’ve found the articles, resources and news published here this year informative, challenging and encouraging.  We hope you’ll stay with us in 2017 as we’ve got some fantastic stuff planned including: Continue reading


5 thoughts on urban mission

Here are a few jottings prompted by some twitter conversations. H/T @litabny and @windy_London and @Rhubarbtheslick. An attempt to capture some of the thoughts from the conversation in one place. Continue reading

Sticking with church through tough times

It’s one thing to stick with a local church when everything is going well.  If the church is growing, there’s a great music group, you relate well to the pastor and there are so many encouragements. What happens when the church is struggling though? What happens when there’s been falling out, the praise isn’t great and no new people seem to be coming? Continue reading

Sticking with church when everything is changing

Our world is constantly changing and changing at an accelerating rate. In recent years we’ve seen Huge demographic, cultural,  technological and political changes.  Change can be fun and exciting but also bewildering, disruptive and frightening. Change means saying good bye to people, places, things and with that comes grief. Continue reading

Why faithful church membership matters

How we learn to live together as God’s people will affect how we live in the wider world. This was a point made early on in our teaching series from 1 Corinthians.  It means that talking about church life isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be an introverted,  naval gazing exercise.

So, throughout that series on what kind of church we should be, we talked a lot about the church being a community or family of God’s people, where because God is faithful in his love to us, we should be faithful, loving and accountable to one another. Continue reading