Dave’s Church Revitalisation Book List

The other day, I reviewed John James’ brilliant little book “Renewal” which is all about church revitalisation – or what it means to pastor and/or be part of a church that is in danger of closing.

Here are a few other books I would encourage those who are involved in – or considering getting involved in church re-vitalisation.

Harrly L Reeder III  with David Swavely From embers to a flame – How God can revitalise your church.

Reeder is pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian  Church in Birmingham AL. This book comes out of many years of experience pastoring churches through revitalisation.

Mike McKinley , Church Planting is for Wimps: How God uses messed up people to plant ordinary churches that do extra-ordinary things.

I probably particularly like this book from the IX Marks stable because I relate to the story of the guy who goes to pastor a church and semi-accidentally plants a Spanish congregation! The book narrates the account of Mike going from Capitol Hill Baptist to pastor Guilford Baptist Church in northern Virginia

Thom S Rainer, Who Moved My Pulpit, is all about pastoring a church through challenging changes.

If we’re talking about church revitalisation, then we can’t avoid mentioning Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor available from Banner of Truth as a Puritan Paperback. Baxter’s work in Kidderminster is a fantastic historical example of church revitalisation and this is really the go to manual!

Also, the church revitalisation leader, just like any pastor or planter would do well to pay attention to Mark Dever’s  Nine Marks of a Healthy Church and Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, Total Church. Really, the priority with church revitalisation is not about finding techniques to engineer numerical growth but to seek God’s Word on what a healthy church should be like.