God Creates, sustains, redeems and judges

We follow on from saying that God wills and decrees to look at some of the specific things he wills and decrees.  We are going to look at these in far more detail later on when we come to look at Creation, Humanity and New Creation.

However, I want to just highlight those three things here.

God Creates

Creation is an act of God’s Will and happens by his decree. God spoke and things were. Creation reflects God’s character. It is vast and wonderful reflecting his sovereignty, greatness and power/ It is ordered and beautiful reflecting his goodness.[1]

Creation reveals God’s character and so it is one of the ways that God tells us about himself. This is why we talk about General Revelation.[2]

God Sustains

It is God who keeps the Universe going. God did not just set things in motion and then step back having made the rules. This would be okay if God was Transcendent but not imminent. God is not at a distance.

Christians see God at work in sending the rain and sunshine, in keeping our planet in motion on its axis around the sun and in holding the stars in the sky. This is not about looking to a God of the gaps who does what we cannot explain. Rather we see that God works through the very process that we observe in science.

Hebrews tells us that God does this in and through Christ.[3]

God Redeems

Later, we will see that sin caused the fall bringing the mess and destruction into the world that we see around us.

God acted according to his will by sending Jesus into the World to save sinners. This results in a new humanity[4] and a new creation.[5]

Note that within the idea of God creating, sustaining and redeeming, we must also consider the topic of miracle. What does it mean for God to do signs and wonders. Does this go against the laws of nature? I want to flag this point up now but we will return to it later under the topics of Creation and New Creation.


God Judges

One day, Christ will return to judge the living and the dead.[6] When he comes, there will be a new creation, a new heaven and a new earth. God’s paradise will be restored and his people will be raised to resurrection life.[7]

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