Meet some people from Church history

On, we mention and quote from various leaders, pastors and thinkers from across church history. We also talk about things like “Calvinism” “Arminianisn” “Reformed Theology” etc.

I thought it might be helpful to give a bit more background to some of these people, movements and traditions to help us get or keep our bearings. Why are they significant and worth quoting or engaging with?

So first of all, coming up over the next few days is a batch of articles on the following key historical figures




John Calvin

John Wesley

These notes are from a little series of midweek talks I did at Bearwood Chapel a couple of years ago


SecondlyI’ll try and grab some time to sit down and write some  notes about some of the other authors we quote from: people like Bavinck,  Frame, Turretin, Piper etc.

Alongside this we’ll be continuing to publish a few articles linked to Bearwood Chapel’s Advent theme “Peace.” In the new year we’ll be returning to our “Who is God?” series with some articles thinking through the implications of God’s Acts and then we’re going to delve into “What is God’s name.”