John Wesley and the Slave Trade

The last in our little Church history series was a talk on John Wesley. This was based on my little book, “John Wesley and the Slave Trade” You can find the book on our publications page. I wrote about Wesley for two reasons.

  1. Although my thinking is more closely aligned with Reformed Theology, I grew up and heard the Gospel at a Methodist Mission Hall. My grandma and mum also came to faith in Wesleyan contexts. So I owe something of my “faithroots” to Wesley and his zeal for the Gospel
  2. My particular focus in this e-book which is based on my MTH short dissertation was the basis for the Evangelical objection to the Slave Trade. As you will see, there has been a strong argument doing the rounds that their case was based on an extra-biblical approach and that this permits us to take a similar approach to contemporary ethics. Wesley’s supposed approach to Scripture, Reasons, Tradition and Experience is held up as a model for this. Are those claims right? Well, you’ll have to download the book and find out!

If you want to find out more about John Wesley, then I recommend John Pollock’s biography “John Wesley” or Roy Hattersley “A brand from the burning.”

There’s a reasonable article on Wikipedia if you want to get a quick overview of his life story see though I think his position and interaction with Calvinism may have been a little more nuanced than the article suggests.

Enjoy reading.  I’m hoping to put together a little article in the near future highlighting some of the more recent writers I quote or engage with.  These include John Frame, Bavinck, Turretin, John Piper and Tim Keller. It goes without saying that because I quote someone favourably in one place does not mean I agree with everything they say!