Big Questions 2017

Throughout the year we try to provide different opportunities for people who are at different stages to investigate the claims of the Gospel.

If you live in  the Sandwell and West Birmingham area then in 2017, we’d like to invite you along to one or all of our special services where we will be opening up some big questions. We’ll probably try and publish the talk notes here on Faithroots but we also want to provide opportunities for people to follow up with questions, discussion and  challenge. This might include follow up midweek discussion groups or a post service meal and chance to quiz the preacher. We’d love to hear your suggestions and preferences for how you’d like to follow up and take the conversation further. Drop me a line via our contact form with your suggestions. 

In the meantime  here are some dates for your diary. The talks will be at The 930 Service and 1115 Morning Worship

If God exists why doesn’t he show up and prove it? 5th Feb

Can I trust the Bible? Isn’t it just a load of made up stories? 5th March

If God is a God of love why doesn’t he end the suffering? 7th May (with guest speaker Neil Powell, City Church Birmingham)

Is it possible to know real joy? 4th June