Happy New Year -and welcome to new readers


Happy New Year to all our faithroots.net readers. We hope you’ve found the articles, resources and news published here this year informative, challenging and encouraging.  We hope you’ll stay with us in 2017 as we’ve got some fantastic stuff planned including:

The concluding parts of our Who is God? Series.  We’ll be spending a little bit of time chewing over how predestination and human free will work before getting to discover the meaning of some of God’s names. We’ll then apply all that we’ve learnt about God’s character, actions and names to some practical case studies.

This January, Bearwood Chapel are starting a new preaching series called “The Return of the King” digging into the book of Revelation. Look out for related articles including some sermon transcripts and articles looking at some of the trickier and more controversial aspects of the book.

Following on from our Who is God? Series we’re going to be looking at Creation and origins “Where did we come from and how did we get here?”  Look out for some studies based on the first few chapters of Genesis, articles investigating the claims of evolution and practical application on care for the environment, work, art and recreation.

If you are new to faithroots.net, a big welcome. The aim of this site is to help us think through how “What we believe affect how we live.” You’ll find a site which seeks to be relevant and practical without shying away from big doctrinal questions and serious study of God’s Word.

If you want to catch up with what we’ve been looking at already, then you can find our first series of articles “How do you know?” on our publications pages as a free e-book.

You can also catch up with all the articles about “Who is God?” by clicking on this link. Scroll down to the bottom and work your way up to get things in chronological order.

You can also read some of our Return of the King articles introducing the series on Revelation.

Or just have a nosey round the site and find lots of other things including articles on “sticky church” (what it means to be a faithful church member), finding peace in a messy world, sermons form 1 Corinthians and much more.

As always, feedback is welcome so drop us a line and let us know your questions and comments. If there’s something you’d like us to cover then let us know too.