The Big Conversation (12th February, Engage, 5pm)

After Easter, we’re going to run a series called “The Big Conversation” at Engage and Sunday Night Church. We’ll explore some hot potatoes and challenging questions through discussion and Q&A.  Topics will include ethical issues such as “What should we do about racism and immigration” pastoral issues such as “How do I cope with depression” and apologetic questions such as “Hasn’t science buried God?”  Continue reading


A King’s Feast (Matthew 14:13-21)

Is the local church able to meet the needs of the local community around us? Continue reading

Planting Churches in Yorkshire

Every so often here are I share my passion for church planting here in the West Midlands. You can find out more about this on our #PlantBC page. However, as well as the great need here, I am excited to see and hear about lots of people planting churches or encouraging church planting all around the country. Continue reading

5 headline propositions on multi-cultural church

The last article was an attempt to think through one of the major debates about cross-cultural mission. For those less interested in the technical, academic discussion, I thought I’d try and summarise things with 5 headline propositions about urban, cross cultural church planting. Continue reading

The Pastoral Power of Predestination

The problem when we approach predestination philosophically

Predestination is often (almost always) seen as one of those tricky doctrines to be explained and defended (a bit like the Trinity). It’s something controversial and complicated. However, just like with The Doctrine of the Trinity, if we treat Predestination as one of those embarrassing relatives to be hidden away and whose behaviour we will probably have to make excuses for, then I think we lose something wonderful. Continue reading

Sacrificing to your idols

“What sorts of sacrifices do people make?” This was the starter question at Engage this week.

Our table listed a number of things including the obvious like time and money. We also said that people sacrifice things such as family and relationships. Continue reading