Jesus The Bread of Life (John 6:22-70)

Notes from  a talk at Nueva Vida


Three questions

  1. Is it possible to find real satisfaction, meaning in life?
  2. How do we properly obey God?
  3. Can I be sure that I am saved and that I will not lose my salvation?

All three of them are linked around the feeding of the five thousand. 

  1. Real satisfaction is found in God and the Gospel

Jesus’s encounters – often with people who are physically hungry and thirsty e.g. the woman at the well.

People here follow Jesus -for more signs, more miracles and probably more food v 22-25

Things to note

–          They say Moses gave them bread -Jesus reminds them that things are from God. The risk of looking to a person to provide satisfaction (v31-32)

–          They are caught up with the signs -religious experience can be addictive (v30)

–          Religious people will take offence at the simple free gift of the Gospel (see v 41 & 53-59 & 66). But truly hungry people know that they have no-one but Jesus to go to (v35 and v 68-69)

NB Eating his flesh and drinking his blood. Jesus is so obviously using metaphorical language here that I think there must be something wilful about their choice to misunderstand him and take this as a bizarre and offensive literal statement.

  1. Obeying God means believing in Christ

A constant question – “What must I do ….?”

Jesus says that God’s will is “Believe in the one he has sent” – believe in Jesus

We cannot earn our own salvation and we cannot add to what Christ has done.

Belief – specifically in Jesus.


  1. Because Jesus is God the Son -only through him can we call God “our Father”
  2. Because it isn’t intellectual -believe these facts.
  3. Belief in a person
  4. Receiving a gift


  1. Assurance and eternal security is possible because it is all God’s Work

“This is the will of God, that I should not lose even one of all those he has given me.”


  1. We are a gift from God the Father to God the Son – a good gift!
  2. The work of keeping us safe into eternity is Christs.

Again -this is why belief specifically in Jesus is so vital.


Where are you finding satisfaction?

Where are you finding meaning and purpose?

Where are you finding security?