Sacrificing to your idols

“What sorts of sacrifices do people make?” This was the starter question at Engage this week.

Our table listed a number of things including the obvious like time and money. We also said that people sacrifice things such as family and relationships.

“Why do people make sacrifices?” We realised that this  made us think more deeply about what sacrifice is. We usually talk about a sacrifice as being when you go without something and often as one person pointed out, its not really that they’ve made a sacrifice, so much as that they want others to know about what they have done.

Sacrifices are often (usually?) made to gods. They are made to appease the god so that you will get what you want or need from it.  Often (again we might say “usually”) sacrifice involves killing something,

I want to come back to relationships and family. If you are sacrificing your relationship and your family, then you are killing it. So why are you killing it and who/what for? I want to suggest that we kill these things in order to keep our gods happy. Families are sacrificed on the altar to the god of promotion, recognition, ambition, hobbies, social circles, materialism etc.  Faithful relationships and specifically marriages are sacrificed to the god of sex or the god of “attention” (the desire to be noticed that leads to the affair)

These gods are useless, cruel and destructive. They cannot give you what they need. They pull you away from worshipping the one true God. They bring harm and death.

Trust in Jesus means a different type of sacrifice. It starts with knowing that he paid the price and was the sacrifice for us. It continues when we daily offer ourselves as living sacrifices knowing that we have died to sin and death with Christ so that we are raised to eternal life with him.