Planting Churches in Yorkshire

Every so often here are I share my passion for church planting here in the West Midlands. You can find out more about this on our #PlantBC page. However, as well as the great need here, I am excited to see and hear about lots of people planting churches or encouraging church planting all around the country.

I’ve just been part of a conference hosted by City to City UK and it was wonderful to meet people involved in planting In London, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh but there was one area that is particularly close to my heart.

Anyone who knows me will at some point have picked up that I’m a Bradford boy at heart. I grew up in Odsal, just a short walk from the iconic Rugby League stadium, I put my trust in Jesus at an Evangelical mission hall in the centre of the city. I went to the local comprehensive school on one of the sprawling council estates to the south of the City and every other Saturday I made my way into town to watch Bradford City. Bradford and Yorkshire are still in some sense home.

So I’m really excited to hear about efforts to plant churches in my home county of Yorkshire.  This great county needs to hear the Gospel. It includes coastal resorts like Scarborough and Bridlington, many rural villages in North Yorkshire and at its heart are the cities and conurbations of West and South Yorkshire. Like the West Midlands, those conurbations are ethnically mixed with large Pakistani communities in West Yorkshire as well as other ethnic groups. There’s a lot of social deprivation but also many entrepreneurial spirits too.

A lot of church planting has happened in Sheffield where I went to University, particular through The Crowded House and Christ Church Fulwood but there’s still much to be done, especially up in West Yorkshire.

So whilst, I’m always asking people to consider coming and planting here, I’d also like to consider potential planters to consider my home county. Why not have a look at the Gospel Yorkshire website and if you think you can partner with them by sending planters, going yourself or partnering with them through prayer and financial support then get in touch with them. And whilst my own calling and home now is very firmly here in the West Midlands, I’ll be continuing to pray for the work of the Gospel and for fruitful and faithful churches to be established in Yorkshire.