The Big Conversation (12th February, Engage, 5pm)

After Easter, we’re going to run a series called “The Big Conversation” at Engage and Sunday Night Church. We’ll explore some hot potatoes and challenging questions through discussion and Q&A.  Topics will include ethical issues such as “What should we do about racism and immigration” pastoral issues such as “How do I cope with depression” and apologetic questions such as “Hasn’t science buried God?” At Engage on the 12th February (5pm), we’re going to have a little bit of a taster session.  We’d like you to come along and join the conversation but we’d also like your help with the session. Very simply, please let us know which of these topics you would like us to tackle.  We’ll also be asking people at our services this Sunday and we’ll tackle the topic that gets the most votes.[1]

“You don’t need to believe in God to have a full life of meaning, hope and satisfaction.”

“You should be free to live as you see fit, as long as you don’t arm others.”

“You become yourself when you are true to your deepest desires and dreams.”

“You don’t need to believe in God to have a basis for moral values and human rights.”

Simply send us a comment via our contact form or tweet @bearwoodchapel along with the hashtag #BigConversation then come along on the 12th ready to take part.

[1] These topics are taken from Timothy Keller’s new book Making Sense of God.