Terror (Revelation 8-9)

“Change course” came the signal to the bridge.

“No! We advise that you change course” was the response

Again: “We strongly advise that you change course.”

The officer on duty signalled a reply “This is a US Navy cruiser. We strongly advise that you change course.”

After a short pause, the reply came back, “This is a lighthouse … we strongly advise that you change course.”

What will it take to get people to change course and turn from sin to God?

What will it take to get you to turn to him? Continue reading


Is it okay to have doubts … and what is the antidote to doubt?

Even the most confident person will doubt at some point. We will doubt the claims of others, evidence, whether or not a project will succeed and even at some point, you may doubt yourself. Continue reading

Dinosaurs, fossils, rocks and the age of the World

“If God created everything in and on earth, why does some of the evidence (Dinosaur fossils and Geological Science) lead Scientists to believe in an ancient Universe? Wouldn’t he make things more straight forward to support him?” Continue reading

Why did God let Donald Trump become President of the United States?

When this question came in, my interviewer looked a little nervous “We don’t want to get into politics on a Sunday morning!” He said. And in that context, he was right. The Gospel is bigger than party politics and political personalities and so we are careful not to get into that type of debate. Continue reading