Big Questions

At the start of each month we are looking at a “Big Question”. This month we started with ‘If God is real, why doesn’t he show up and prove it?”  After a 20 minute talk we invited people to text, tweet or write down questions and we responded briefly to some of them during the service.  I thought it might be helpful to list the questions that came up, here. We’ ll try and post some responses to these questions over the next few weeks.  Some of them will also get covered in greater depth either at the Sunday morning Big Question talks or at The Big Conversation after Easter at Engage and Sunday Night Church.

Don’t forget that our next Big Question will be on the 5th March “Can I trust the Bible? Isn’t it just a load of made up stories? ”

Here’s the list of questions:

If God wants us to believe in him, why doesn’t he make it obvious? Why does he seem to play hide and seek with us?

If God is the creator of all things, who or what created God?

If God made a good world, why are there things like volcanos, earthquakes and floods that cause so much suffering?

Why doesn’t God act to stop all suffering?

If God actively intervened in bad things, surely more people would believe in him?

If God created everything in and on earth why does some of the evidence (Dinosaur fossils, geological science) lead scientists to believe in an ancient Universe? Wouldn’t he make things much more straight forward to support him?

Why did God allow Donald Trump to become President of the US?

Is it alright to have doubts… and what is the antidote to doubting?