Faithroots Live: Deuteronomy – studies in mission and ethics

This Monday, we are starting a new “mini-course” at Faithroots Live.  We are going to be taking a look at the book of Deuteronomy. This is such a significant book in the Bible.   It was central to the life of the people of Israel as they learnt how to live under God’s rule in God’s land.  Jesus and the New Testament writers make significant use of it. It helps us think about things like “How do we read the Old Testament as Christians?”  “What does a missions mind-set look like for churches today?” “How do we answer big ethical questions?” and “What do we do with those parts of the bible we struggle with and find hard to understand or accept?”

The course is intended to provide an overview of the book and will run for 6 weeks. We meet every Monday at “The Hub” in Victoria Park, Smethwick.

The course materials are also available to download from our Publications page and include a Leader’s guide and participants hand outs.