Same Sex Marriage and the Church

Same Sex Marriage and the church has been in the news this week following the Church of England’s decision to reject a Bishop’s report outlining the position they believed the Anglican Church should take.

I want to make a couple of brief comments here, namely that.

1. This issue is controversial because it seems that the Bible and the Church is out of step with culture. There is a strong push to try and get the church to fit in with culture.  However, as we have been so poignantly reminded in recent weeks, it is important that we are willing to let God’s Word challenge and disagree with us. When we accommodate to the culture in order to make our message more palitable we do no-one any favours, especially those who we  deny the opportunity to hear God speak to them and challenge them.

2. This links to another important lesson we have learnt.  God’s Word will always be more loving, more grace-filled and more merciful than any human attempts at mercy, even when God’s Word seems hard to us. His burden is always  lighter,  his yoke is always easier.

3. What happens to the Church of England matters. I may be a nonconformist but I care deeply about the witness of Anglican congregations up and down the country. Healthy, Gospel centred, Biblically faithful Anglican churches are good for the spiritual health of local communities and of the wider church. We should pray from the CofE.

4. Just as we want God’s Word to challenge and disagree with others, so too with us. Has our response to this issue been marked both by grace and by truth? If we have lost either of these at any point, then God challenges us too. Additionally, we  should not be so focused on spotting the sins of others that we become blind to our own sin.

We have a full study on same-sex marriage available from our publications page.  Readers may also find Living Out’s website helpful too. Living Out is run by Christians who experience and wrestle with Same Sex Attraction but are firmly committed to the Bible’s teaching that sex is to be enjoyed within the context of marriage between 1 man and 1 woman.