Dinosaurs, fossils, rocks and the age of the World

“If God created everything in and on earth, why does some of the evidence (Dinosaur fossils and Geological Science) lead Scientists to believe in an ancient Universe? Wouldn’t he make things more straight forward to support him?”

This was another of the questions asked at our first “Big Question” event. I guess, we could also add to the list of examples, the distance of the stars light years away.

This is probably a good opportunity to highlight our next major series on faithroots.net when we will be looking at the Doctrine of Creation. This will include a more detailed discussion of this question.

Here, I want to limit myself to three comments.

1. When considering the age and origins of the Universe, it is important that we have taken time to properly understand the Biblical data. Do we know what the Bible actually says and have we interpreted it correctly. Does the Bible actually claim to tell us how old the World is?

2.Secondly, it is also important to make sure we have understood the scientific data correctly. Do we know what the data is and have we interpreted it correctly. Often in both cases, we mix together the compiling of the data and its analysis and interpretation. Does that data actually tell us conclusively how old the Universe is and how old the earth is?

3. My personal conclusion is that the Bible asks me to believe in Creation taking place over 7 24 hour days. I believe in a literal Adam and a literal fall. I don’t see these beliefs being in contradiction with the scientific data available to us. I will discuss this in greater detail as part of our “Where did we come from?”series. I note as well that various people have concluded that belief in God creating the World does not require us to assume a very young age for the Universe. We will discuss those arguments in greater detail later too.

Watch out on Faithroots.net in the coming months as we explore these questions in more detail.