…and then there’s the great Spaghetti god in the sky

This is linked to my earlier post on whether atheists believe in one less god out of 3ooo than Christians.  The point the atheist is making is that there are all of these so called gods out there with equally competing claims – how do I know that my god is valid?  Every religion claims that its god made the Universe, controls it answers prayer etc.  So, why shouldn’t I, just as plausibly believe in the great spaghetti monster?

Once we’ve thought through the logic set out in the earlier post, the answer is fairly straight forward.  The Spaghetti monster isn’t one unique additional option out of 3000. Rather, it is an expression of one of the main choices we’ve already mentioned.  Let’s work that through

Q “Do you believe in a God?  Yes or no?”

A “Yes I do?”

Q “What is the god you believe in like?”

A “It s a big ball of Spaghetti”

So what type of “god” are we dealing with here? Is it an active, personal, loving God? No it clearly belongs in the “impersonal” category.  Does the Spaghetti monster intentionally create human beings out of grace to be loved by it and to love it back?  Of course not, it’s just a big ball of spaghetti.  The Spaghetti monster belongs with all the other mythical monsters. It belongs with those origin narratives where the Universe simply emerges by accident out of chaos. Humans live in a world dominated by monsters and beasts.    In such a world, we are simply accidental bypoducts and all we can do is hope to survive whilst keeping the monsters at bay.

So we have a choice between the personal, loving creator, saviour God of the Bible or a World where we cannot know a personal god but are just here by accident.  Or to put it another way, if someone doesn’t believe in God, then they might as well be Spaghetti Monster worshippers as be atheists.