The Bruised Reed Means … (2) Binding Up the Broken Hearted

Jesus said that he had come to “bind up the broken hearted.”  I believe that God’s Word offers precious promises, hope and comfort for those who are hurting.  This is good news if you  have been let down by someone else who has failed you, betrayed you, rejected you or deserted you.

Remember that Jesus himself was deserted, betrayed and denied. His closest followers ran away, one of them helped hand him over to his accusers and another denied that he had ever known him.

There are different ways that we can have our hearts broken. These include

–          Unrequited love when someone you long to be with rejects you.

–          Discovering that someone you loved was simply taking advantage of you.

–          When they ended the relationship

–          When you had to end the relationship

–          Discovering that the person you loved was unfaithful

Broken heartedness may come with a deep sense of longing and loneliness. We can be tempted to respond in unhelpful and even harmful ways including

–          Burying ourselves in work -keeping busy to dull the pain

–          Jumping into other, serial relationships that do not last

–          Masking the pain with drugs and alcohol

–          Being stoical -smiling on the outside whilst hurting on the inside

–          Withdrawing and pushing away the friendship of others

The problem with these things is that we are responding to a deeply emotional thirst but we are responding in the wrong place. We are seeking to quench that thirst with things that cannot quench it.   The prophet Jeremiah talks about those who instead of going to the source of living water seek water from cisterns or wells that are cracked and dry.

Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well. He asks her for water. She says to him “Why are you a Jew asking me a Samaritan Woman for water?” Jesus responds

“10 Jesus replied, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”[1]

Jesus is the one who can meet our deepest need. The relationship we need, our true heart’s desire is to know God. We cannot use relationships with others to fill that hole. In fact, such relationships will only end up causing hurt and harm to others. It is  only when we have first found the God that our souls long for that we can truly and freely love others.

Read Psalm 42 and Psalm 84

Listen to “Living Waters” by Keith and Kristyn Getty

[1] John 4:10.