The Bruised Reed means….(3) Help for the self-hurting

A lot of people struggle with self-harm. There are different ways that you can do. I would include within this physical harm such as cutting but also a self-harm that comes through verbally abusing and torturing yourself.

Another form of self-harm can be eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.  

Self-harm can be a way of using physical harm to mask emotional pain or to try and take control back of part of your life.  Self-harm can also be a way of punishing yourself. It may be that there is something you think you have done wrong that needs to be punished. Maybe you are afraid to confess your sin to others for fear of the shame it will bring.  Maybe you think that others have not taken your confession seriously (this may be particularly true when you are in fact convicting yourself of false guilt).  So instead you punish yourself.

It is so important that we come back to the message of the Cross. Jesus has died in your place. He has taken your punishment, your guilt and your shame on himself. He offers you a wonderful new identity in Him. He declares you righteous.

Sometimes eating disorders are a way of seeking to take back control of your life amid the chaos, change and mess of living.  The problem is that we never can control and rule our own lives without causing harm and hurt. Indeed, by trying to have that type of control I set myself up against the Lordship of Jesus. The Gospel calls us away from this and incites us to trust in the God who is in control and to find in his Lordship safety and security.


Romans 3:21-28

Romans 4:1-8

Philippians 3

You may also find Emma Scrivener’s book and blog “A New Name” helpful.