Good Friday Reading and Reflection

Over this week we’ve been adding articles on following our theme “The Bruised Reed.” Why not take the opportunity on Good Friday to use these reflectively?

Each article includes some thoughts on a particular application of Isaiah 42:1-4 followed by an additional bible reading for further reflection.  Additionally, there are some pointers to other books, blog articles and even a song to listen to.

The focus of each article is on different types of people who are vulnerable and who may well see themselves as “damaged.” Each article points to the Gospel as good news to the hurting. The final article is a challenge to church leaders. Why not set aside specific moments during the day when  you can read each article, reflect on the Scripture reading and then take time to pray about the people affected and the issues raised. This is even something you could do together with your family and/or friends.

It may well be that you identify with one of the types of person mentioned. If so, we hope that you will find the article helpful.

The articles are:

Recovery for the abused

Binding Up the Broken Hearted

Help for the Hurting

Patience and Help for challenging relationships

Restoration for those damaged by Spiritual Abuse

A Challenge to Christian Leaders