And on the other hand…

A couple of days ago, I explained why I wouldn’t be organising an election hustings. I thought that in the interest of balance I would share some of the reasons why other church leaders will do. You see, whilst I’m not convinced it is the right answer, I also appreciate  the motives listed below and think they are good things to promote. I’d just do it differently!

1. They want to encourage Christians to engage with what is happening and help them to think deeply about issues.

2. They want to love their neighbours be serving the local community.

3. They want to love individual politicians. They are human beings too, often subject to mockery, cynicism and even hatred. Yet they are still people who need to hear the good news about Jesus. So, Christians will want to seek out opportunities to build connections with them.

4. They want an important voice to be heard. God’s Word speaks about the things we vote on, how we relate to outsiders,  our responsibilities for this planet, out care for the poor and vulnerable,  justice and the punishment of evil. Christians are seeking out opportunites for God’s voice to be heard on these things.