The end or is it (How The Resurrection helps us make sense in the midst of terror)

First posted following the Paris terror attacks. Reposted today following events in Manchester. Hope it’s helpful



The events of last weekend brought great terror and distress. It wasn’t just the events themselves but the fear of further terror.

Last weekend reminded us that lie can be distressing, confusing and terrifying. It’s not just those big events. There is the fear of sickness, death, unemployment. The distress of being hurt, let down. The regret of failure.

 Read Mark 15 :42-16:20

  • What happened? –Making sense of extraordinary , confusing, terrifying events

Mark 15:42-47 Jesus is buried

Normally the Romans left the bodies of executed criminals to decay. But the family could request the body from the magistrate.

The body is requested by Joseph of Arimathea.  He was one of the Sanhedrin.  He was looking for God’s Kingdom. Something had happened to draw him to Jesus.

Jesus is wrapped in cloth. The body is laid in a tomb cut into the rock. A stone is placed across the…

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