The Persecuted Church – A vital application from Revelation

One thing I can’t really ignore having spent 5 months teaching through Revelation is the focus on the persecuted church. For example the emphasis in Revelation 20 is on those who have suffered and been killed for their faith reigning with Christ. 

So one of the applications we should make from Revelation should be to give serious attention to the suffering and persecuted church. Whilst some of our members are here because they’ve had to flee from corruption and violence in their home countries, it is normal for most of us to think of persecution in terms of mockery, obstructive laws and bureaucracy and maybe unfairness at work. However, aronnd the world, applying Revelation means talking about imprisonment, the burning down of church buildings, murder and execution.

This should remind us to

1. Show love and hospitality to refugees living in our community

2. Be informed about what is happening around the world so that we can pray specifically about each situation,

3. Give financially to the work of the Gospel in those countries where persecution is a daily and costly reality.

4. Build links to believers in such countries, writing to them to encourage them that we stand with them.  If possible and appropriate we may even seek to send people for  the church to visit and encourage them.

5. Write to those in authority asking them to support justice, for example sitting to Mps and Government ministers here drawing their attention to human rights issues and asking them to take appropriate action.