Return of the King – What we have learnt from the book of Revelation

This week we complete our series on the book of Revelation. Here are some things we’ve learnt

1. God is sovereign over eternity. This truth enables us to live faithfully in the here and now.

2. God has called a people for himself and he will look after us keeping us safe into eternity. This enables us to face suffering and persecution patiently.

3. This World is under judgement because of sin and evil.

4. Sin may seem attractive but God’s revelation exposes its true ugliness. This motivates us to holy living.

5. Evil may seem powerful but it is a defeated enemy. Satan’s power is limited and temporary

6. Believers will face persecution but can look forward with hope to the day of vindication.

7. Christ is returning. There will be a new heaven and new earth.  This is why we have hope.