Coming up “Where did we come from”

Our next big faithroots series is all about Creation. We’ll be looking at origins- how did God make this World. We will also find out more about God’s providence, how he sustains and looks after his creation. The series will look at the problem of evil and the affect of the Fall on creation.

Remember that the aim of these big series is to look at doctrine – what we believe to discover how it affects how we live. The aim is to be pastoral not polemic. So, we will deal with the question of Evolution and Creation as well as looking at things such as Old Earth and New Earth Creationism,  Theistic Evolution and Intelligent Design. However, those questions won’t be our sole or even primary concern. There’s a lot more to learn about God and his World. The series will include a close reading of the Genesis text as well as studies in Biblical and Systematic Theology.

Practically we will have a lot to learn about subjects such as art, work, economics, ecology and pastoral responses to suffering as well as to temptation and sin. Join us each week for regular articles. Keep looking out for other articles including occasional opinion pieces, book reviews and sermon notes too.