So you want to do urban mission?

I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to be involved in urban mission whether that’s pastoring an established church, working with an existing church to see revitalisation or helping to plant a new church.

There’s so much attention starting to go into how best to serve the Gospel in urban and multi-ethnic contexts and there’s some great people around with lots of experience both of making mistakes and getting things wrong and of seeing God work in the middle of mess to bring blessing and fruit.

So, whether or not you’re just starting out and testing a calling, looking for training and a way in – or you are already engaged in urban ministry, here are some great places to find support and encouragement.

  1. ActBC is our own initiative to encourage urban mission with a particular focus on the Urban West Midlands.  If you are looking for training, then why not join our Learning Community working in partnership with Union School of Theology? You can also join in with the CPI Urban West Midlands Church Planting Hub and with 2020 Birmingham. Check out the rest of our blog for lots of practical theology often with a particular concern for urban church contexts.
  2. 20 Schemes is an initiative to encourage church planting on some of Scotland’s toughest Council Estates
  3. London City Mission have a long history of mission to some of the neediest communities in our capital city. They offer “Pioneers” training for “Christians who were raised in and still live in some of the poorest areas of London and who have a heart for the lost.
  4. Another local church committed to urban mission is Oldham Bethel. They are currently looking for ministry apprentices to train with them. Their pastor, Stephen Kneale blogs at The Arbour.
  5. Council Estate Christianity is the blog of Duncan Forbes, a pastor planting on a large council estate in London. Duncan has put a lot of work into encouraging people to take urban mission seriously through the Reaching the Unreached conferences and his urban ministry  training.
  6. Neil Robbie is an Anglican vicar in West Bromwich, a short car drive or bus trip form us. His blog is at Transforming Grace


Books worth a read include:

Unreached by Tim Chester and Church in Hard Places by Mez McConnell and Mike McKinley.

So if you are considering or already involved in urban ministry -these are some people worth getting in touch with.