The Commissioning of Hannes Ramsebner



Last Sunday we commissioned Hannes Ramsebner for mission in Austria as we sent him out from Bearwood following his training at Union School of Theology. Here are the promises we asked Hannes to make and that we made together as his sending church.

Dave: “Hannes will you promise to go wherever Christ sends you and serve wherever he places you.”

Hannes “I will”

Dave: “Will you obey Christ’s call to make disciples from every nation, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit?” Will you teach them to obey everything that Christ has commanded.”

Hannes: “I will”

Dave: To the congregation. “Will you commit to support Hannes in prayer and encouragement.”

Congregation: “We will

Dave: “We as your local church in Bearwood are today commissioning you and sending you to serve Christ and his gospel in Linz, Austria and to wherever he calls you.”

Followed by laying on of hands and prayer by elders