Why I don’t get justice

I want to highlight one final problem with seeking justice before we look at positive things we can do to encourage it.  The final problem is “Me.”

“It’s not fair.”

“You are not listening to me.”

How often have you said those words? How often have you heard them said to you?  The problem is that usually “You are not listening to me” really means “I am not getting my way.”  You see, what I really want is not for my case to be fairly heard and impartially considered. I want to get what I am seeking. I want to be vindicated, rewarded, recognised., helped.

So, if the answer is “You were in the wrong” or “We cannot help you any further” or “you have got what you deserved” then I am likely to feel aggrieved even if I have been able to present my case to an independent person and even if I’ve had the opportunity to appeal a decision.

That after all is why we pay for lawyers isn’t it. We don’t just expect them to help us get a fair hearing. We expect them to win. Increasingly the system plays into that way of thinking so that lawyers offer “No win, no fee” deals even though they have done all the hard work of representing us.

Now, sometimes the reason why you don’t get the outcome you are looking for is because the system simply hasn’t worked for you but sometimes it is because you have got the right verdict.  That’s hard to hear and hard to accept, isn’t it? I am reminded of Jeremiah 17:9 which says,

“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?”

I don’t like it if I am rebuked. I hate it if someone else is judged to have done better than me in a competition.  I find it impossible to believe that someone else could be the best person for the job. I convince myself that I must have bene in the right and if others can’t see it then it must be because of injustice.

We are not helped when friends want to be encouraging and are afraid of speaking truthfully with us. Yet, at times like this what we really need is honest friends who are unafraid to speak the truth to us.

“Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.”[1]

If true justice starts with God’s righteousness then true justice must start and finish with truth. Go loves truth and true justice will happen when I love and value truth, even when it is painful If justice reflects our belief that we are made in the image of God then we will value that image when we speak truth.

[1] Proverbs 27:6