Five Ways in which we can work for justice

Here are some practical thoughts about how we can stand up for justice in the world around us.

1.       As we have already seen, by modelling what a just community looks like in the church

2.       By modelling integrity in the workplace. We should be known as people who tell the truth and stick to our word.

3.       By writing to our politicians and to local and national newspapers on matters of justice including issues that may not be popular in contemporary society such as the rights of the unborn child.

4.       By taking time to think about, imagine and propose ways in which our society can demonstrate justice and mercy. In other words, for some Christians this will mean playing our part in public policy. This might involve writing an article on your blog, attending a public seminar, joining a political party or even standing for election.  In other words, applying bible teaching and doctrine to “Public Theology.

5.       Acting as an advocate for someone who is vulnerable and struggling to understand or access the system on their own.

Note again that what I am talking about here is not the mission of the church. I am not saying that we should be distracted from Gospel witness by any of the above. Rather, what I am suggesting is that these are examples of discipleship in practice.

Can you think of anymore?

I plan to follow up with two additional articles. One will explain a bit more about what I mean by advocacy (example 5). The other will flesh out an example of envisaging a just and fair society.