Moving into action -another little idea

Stephen Kneale has added in a practical suggestion about how the evangelical church nationally could shift the focus onto urban ministry.  His suggestion is that Christian organisations should look at re-locating into needy urban areas and away from leafy suburbs,  Obviously I disagree with him that he wants them to go to Oldham and I’d like them to come to Sandwell but the point is well made!

Here’s another thought.  Every year when Christian students go to University, efforts are made to link them up with local churches.  This includes through UCCF Christian Unions providing church directories. Fusion which originates more on the charismatic side of things provides its Student Link Up service where students can link with possible churches before going to University.

Now, a little side point here. I still find it regrettable that the Fusion student movement peeled away from what UCCF were doing with CUs.  Added to that, theologically,  I am more at home with UCCF and the wider IFES movement. However, I think there is something in the way that Fusion are much more proactively focused on the local church that UCCF can learn from and that fits better with my understanding of the role of the local church. I also like that theytheir positive view that churches which are not on the immediate student door step may well be churches that students should and will get involved in However, that’s a debate/discussion for another day.

Anyway, the point is this.  What if there was a particular “urban” link up list based on that type of principle?  What if that was available not just for students but for graduates leaving University, people moving around the country for work, asylum seekers moving into an area etc?