What can we learn from 2 Samuel?

Next Sunday we start a new teaching series from 2 Samuel. What can we learn from  an Old Testament teaching series? Here are a few clues to look out for. 

1.  Our first clue is Biblical Theology. Hebrews 11 shows us that the OT is the story of God keeping his promise and those who have faith in the promise (see also Romans 11). See how God keeps his promise in relation to rule/blessing, people and land

2. Another Biblical Theology clue concerns types. David is the anointed King in other words he offers us a type or picture of Christ – the anointed one. In what ways is David like Christ? In what ways does he fall massively short.

3. This means there will be doctrine too. We ‘ll learn a lot about what God is like and how she shows his love, sovereignty and justice. We will also learn a lot about human nature.

4. This means there will be ethical lessons. What does it mean to live as God’s people? How is power used rightly and wrongly, how are others treated? What is true worship?

Join us through the Autumn to find out more.