Why Cold Feet disturbed and challenged

I’m just catching up with last weekend’s TV having been in Austria for Hannes’ induction (watch this space for a report). So last night we settled down to watch Cold Feet.

The week before, we had discovered that Olivia, one of Karen and David’s twins was now pregnant aged 17.  This week picked up on the consequences and followed Matthew (16) and Olivia’s intense, heart breaking struggle about whether or not to keep the baby or to have an abortion. Continue reading


Urban Subversive fulfilment – an attempt at an urban missiology in outline

Below is an attempt to sketch out an approach to urban theology and urban missiology. I’m hoping to pick up and flesh out some of these points in more detail. Particularly over the next few weeks I want to talk a little bit more about what I mean by urban theology what it is and what it isn’t and why we need it. The other one is the question the church and its idols.   Feel free to pitch in by sending comments via our contact form. No doubt there’ll be some conversations on Twitter.

Apologies as well in advance that this is essentially a brain dump in note form. Continue reading

Why we need urban theology and urban theologians

I am usually cautious about adding prefixes to the word theology apart from  the normal classifications: biblical, systematic, historical and pastoral. That’s because theology is simply about knowing God through his own revelation and so there is the risk that if I add a prefix based on class, culture or gender I imply that those things will lead me to a different knowledge of Him and his revelation. Certainly, that is what is implicit when people talk about feminist or LBGT theology. The risk is also that I look to God, revelation and theology as something I can employ for my own ends in the particular battle I am fighting.[1]

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I mean specifically visitors who come to see you as a one off not people who are looking to join you. I’m also not talking here about people popping in whilst on holiday or church tourists having a break from their own church. Rather, I mean specifically where someone has intentionally come to spend some planned time with you in order that you can learn from each other. Continue reading

Dealing with anger and resentment in the face of injustice

Some of you are facing what seems to be terrible injustice. You have been falsely accused. People have said hurtful things to you.  In our church community, quite a few people have experienced received negative decisions about immigration or benefits. Often, it’s not just the decision that affects them but how it was made and the tone with which it was delivered Continue reading

Example of the simple Bible Study – John 6:1-21

As I’ve mentioned before, we encourage a very quick and simple 2 stage approach to our Home Group Bible studies. We ask “What is going on?” and then “What does this mean for us?”

Here’s an example of such a Bible study Continue reading