Going Long (Part 2 – Theological Training for urban planters)

In our previous post, I mentioned the MTh programme as a way of “going long” in training for ministry.   Here’s another perspective.

We can assume that if someone doesn’t go to seminary and study full time for 3-4 years then the alternative is that at best they do either something like a Ministry Training Course, 1 day or week for 2 years or possible something like the part time GDip via a Union Learning Community or some form of distance learning programme. That is a wrong assumption

I want to suggest that we can and should be encouraging people to go long and go deep in their training whether via a traditional theological seminary or training in context.  My vision for those people we see equipped through TrainBC will benefit from such an approach. Going Long might look like the following

1.       It will be a full time integrated training programme with opportunities for academic study, hands on coached experience and supportive mentoring

2.       It will in effect be a five-year programme

3.       Years 1 -2 will include some form of foundational studies with the option to attend the Midlands Ministry Training Couse or something similar

4.       Years 3-4 will include more in depth theological training through the Union Learning Community

5.       Year 4-5 will see the trainee transition into their longer term ministry context whether that is as a church planter or leading a revitalisation with continued support from an experienced mentor.

6.       Year 5 will include opportunities for specialist training and support such as training with Church in Hard Places and/or participation in the 2020 Birmingham Incubator programme for church planters.

What do you think? Is that something you could be part of? How would you modify this?  Drop us a line with your thoughts