Union Learning Community – my hopes and prayers

So we kick off our first Learning Community this week. It’s exciting to start to meet our new students at the beginning of term.

Here are my hopes and prayers for the term ahead

1. That all the students will enjoy learning more about God together. That this will not just be about information but formation as they grow in Christ and that there will be a sense of learning together as part of our worship to the glory of God.

2. That the students wil be equipped for works of service wherever God calls them to whether that’s pastoring, preaching, cross cultural mission, church planting, leading Bible studies , 1-1, running a youth group, teaching Sunday School etc. We do not just seek knowledge for ourselves but we receive something to share and pass on.

3. That some of our students will go on to pastor or plant in our hard to reach places, especially our estates and inner cities. This is what gets me up in the morning, the desire to see urban Britain reached with the Gospel. If we can play even a small part in that then it will be a source of joy.