What are the challenges of urban mission? (3 challenges and 1 solution)

I was asked this question today and I suggested three challenges off the cuff and one solution

The Challenges

1. The  desperate need for the church to see this as a vital mission field. We have talked about this oh so often. If half the country wil never go to University and if most people live in our cities then we can’t really be serious about mission until we are serious about those people and those places.

2. The murli- faith context meaning we see people holding hard to deeply entrenched beliefs. They are not even looking to Christianity for answers.

3. The barriers meaning that we have so many people that feel ignored, left behind, let down  in general and are also passive- life happens to them.

The Solution

It has to be the Gospel. This is a deep and rich answer not a simplistic cliche. It is the Gospel that will move hearts of people overflowing with joy at the grace they already received at Calvary and the future grace of eternity they look forward to. Tgismis what will move people out of their comfort zones and change the question from ” Which church will suit me best?” to ” where can I serve?”

It has to be the Gospel in all its fullness and glory that will turn people away fro  idols to the true and living God. We never lose heart and hope in tough situations because we have found living water, we have come to the one who has the words of eternal life.

It has to be the Gospel that will break down barriers and will offer real life changing hope to communities where every politician and every initiative has failed.