Partner With Us – ActBC

Regular faithroots readers will know that we are passionate about seeing the Gospel proclaimed  particular to urban Britain and specifically in the West Midlands.  We’ve talked here about some of the challenges and about the great opportunities.

It is because we want to see people who don’t know Jesus come to know him and because we want to see them gathering in healthy local churches which are having an impact on their neighbourhoods that we started our ActBC initiative. The aim is to partner with, train, mentor, encourage and help support gospel workers who share this vision.

Here  are a few things we are trying to do.

1.       To provide an urban hub with community outreach workers that support congregations as they are planted.

2.       Train church planters for a life time of Gospel

3.       Start gospel communities and church congregations where and when there isn’t an active witness.

Could your church partner with us in this? Here are some ways you could do this.

1.       Agree to pray for us regularly. You can sign up for a regular ActBC newsletter here. Pray especially that God will send labourers into the harvest field. This is the best way that you can partner with us.

2.       Send someone to train  as an urban planter with us and support them during their training. 2-3  years training will enable them to complete the as well as get lots of hands on experienced of Gospel ministry whilst being mentored and encouraged.

3.       Give to the work. Could you help support urban mission here in the UK. Here is a needy mission field on your doorstep. We commit to be wise stewards of what you give, to communicate our plans with you clearly and to listen to your advise about how best to use the resources given to us for the work of the Gospel. Funds raised would go directly to supporting communities, families and schools workers, pastors/planters and trainees.

To find out more, check out our ActBC pages and get in touch with us via our contact form.