Who is God? – Publication

On our Publications page, you will find a number of Pdf e-books. One of our aims on faithroots.net is to share resources freely. We want the church, both in terms of our own Bearwood Chapel congregations and the wider church, especially those labouring in hard places including urban estates and inner cities to have the resources they need to read and to think carefully about what they believe.

Our main project at the moment is to provide a series of e-book looking specifically at what we believe about Revelation, God, Creation and New Creation. Each e-book takes time to engage with Scripture, historical theological debates and the way that our beliefs apply pastorally and apologetically.

The latest in this series “Who is God?” is now available. It covers topics including The Trinity, What God is Like, What God does and What God is Called. Each section includes pastoral application including a number of case studies looking at marriage, relationships, work and addictions.

You can download it here: Who is God

Or alternatively from our publications page.