A little idea to help urban planters

We want our urban church planters to be the best possible gift to their churches and their communities. This means we want them to be well trained and well read.

We often talk about pastors being “pastor-theologians” but that is not just a luxury for those who lead large churches in prosperous areas. You see, being a pastor-theologian is not about escaping the real world of ministry for his study and an intellectual hobby. He is in his study to prepare for real life ministry so that he can better serve his congregation,

We want planters who go deep so that they can go long. We want pastors who can help young believers to grow in their faith. We want church leaders who can stand alongside people through the toughest and darkest points in life and see them persevere.

So, here’s the idea. What if every church planter in an urban priority area was given a starter library including

1. A Systematic Theology

2. A set of commentaries on key Bible books

3. An Introduction to Biblical Theology

4. Books covering pastoral counselling, apologetics and church leadership

What do you think? Is that something we can make happen? Get in touch via our contact page  if you would like to help make this happen.