What did the Reformation ever do for us? Gave us permission to disagree and challenge

Because one of the things that the Reformation does is put God’s Word back centre stage as the means by which we hear God speaks to us, it reminds us that human leaders are fallible. They get things wrong, the make mistakes. This:

-Gives us a framework for disagreement. It is possible to interact with and challenge leaders without falling out or being driven out.

-Means that plural eldership, congregational government and the priesthood of all believers follow on logically.

– Reminds us that the authority elders have is a teaching authority from and through God’s Word. It is not the power to boss about. 

-Allows leaders to be vulnerable.

These points are important both in terms of looking at how we act as the church together today and how we look at the very people and events we are commemorating. As I mentioned in our first post, the reformers made some serious mistakes, most distressingly by encouraging anti-Semitism.  It is the Reformation itself that gives us permission to give thanks for the good things they did whilst recognising and challenging their failings.