ActBC How can you help?


Over the past few years we’ve been working to encourage Gospel outreach into one of the UK’s needy urban areas. Here in the West Midlands there is a great need for healthy gospel churches particularly in the Black Country, Sandwell and West Birmingham area.

Key things we’ve done so far include

          Multiplying congregations to create more opportunities for people to gather, hear and respond to the life changing message of the Gospel. This includes Nueva Vida, an international congregation using Spanish as its main language.

          Provided training and mentoring for potential pastors and planters. This has resulted in one of our trainees returning to his home country to work in an urban mission context there.

          Started a partnership with Union School of Theology to provide a local Learning Community enabling trainees to receive a recognised qualification

          Partnered with CPI UK to host a hub for urban church planters

          Begun a new Gospel work in another part of Smethwick based in the local park

We are looking at how we can develop the work. Our desire is to see lots of people reached with the good news leading to new churches being planted and existing churches revitalised.  We want to support pioneer church planters who can come and settle into needy communities.

How can you help us with this?  There are three different things that you can do.

                -Pray for the work here

                -Send people to join the work

                – Give to support the work

I want to talk specifically about the third point here.  We’re looking to raise an additional £70k -£100k per year to develop this work. Now, on the one hand that sounds like a lot of money for one medium sized church but in the big scheme of things it’s not that much.  What would we do with this?

First of all, we would like to add two additional workers to our core team. This would include

1.       A Communities and Families worker. We have identified a member of Bearwood Chapel who has been involved in family support and running Toddlers and children’s programmes on a voluntary basis. They are also an experienced RE teacher with additional training and experience in issues including FGM prevention, Additional educational needs etc. We would like to be able to employ them in a full-time role where they would have lots of opportunities to work alongside families, go into local schools, help congregations develop children’s and families’ programmes etc.

2.       An additional member of Pastoral staff with an operational focus supporting congregations logistically as they develop, co-ordinating outreach activities and managing facilities including our community building.

Secondly, we would like to be able to support pioneer planters by:

          Providing a Bursary fund to pay for training fees

          Ensuring that each urban planter is provided with a “starter library” of key resources including: a Systematic Theology text, a basic set of commentaries, books and resources relating to leadership and pastoral care.

          Helping to cover salaries, expenses and start-up costs for new church plants

You will notice that I’ve suggested between £70k – £100k. Obviously the more resources that we have available means the more we can do.

If you are thinking, praying and discussing where to give to, then we would encourage you to see the urban West Midlands as a vital mission field in need of support as we seek to share the Gospel in a very needy area. 

This is of course just one example and our desire would be to see a growing vision for the evangelisation of urban Britain.  Please join us in praying for this.

For further information and to start a conversation about how you might be able to help, please  get in touch with Dave via our contact form or go to where you can either make a one off gift or arrange monthly giving ( please specify that gifts are to support ActBC workers).

Thank you for taking time to find out about what we are doing. Above all we appreciate your prayer support.