Sex and power

What is power?[1]

Q asked at 21 CD youthclub last week

-Power = strength, might, force, dynamic. It’s to do with authority. It’s often linked to money.

-Power at play – Westminster, Hollywood

-Sin and power – who is in control …what kind of authority?

“God’s power is very different” – place your life within his power, authority and care.


  1. Human power is about selfish pride

Three things about David

–          Decision to stay in Jerusalem – napping whilst his army fights – complacency

–          Dominant word is “Send”  – The focus is on his control over others and circumstances

  • He sends the army
  • He sends messengers to Bathsheba
  • He sends for Bathsheba
  • He sends Uriah home
  • He sends a gift after Uriah
  • He sends Uriah back to the front with his death warrant

–          His first thought is self gratification

  • Lust -Bathsheba is beautiful
  • Knows that she is Uriah’’s wife – possibly even intending to control and diminish him
  • Involves others in his plot – messengers, Joab etc doesn’t care about their integrity


  1. Human, sinful power is destructive


–          Bathsheba, shamed, defiled

–          Uriah dies

–          David is diminished -and his relationship with God affected

Sin Kills – brings death


  1. God’s Power is so different

“16 For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16)

God’s power v the power of others

A word to victims  – Jesus as the one who covers our shame, heals our pain, gives us a new name

Practically … – space for prayer

God’s power v my power

Not just Politicians and celebrities. My power is about

–          Living life by my rules

o   Habits

o   Religious rules

o   Self-harm

o   Putting up walls (link to JG on advice)

–          Controlling relationships with others

o   On my terms

o   Passive aggressive

o   Abusive words and actions

God’s power is about self-giving love – Seen at the Cross bringing forgiveness and life


[1] Note, this is the version of the sermon I preached at our 930 Service.   As well as picking up on a specific aspect of 2 Samuel 11, it gives a feel for how we can preach slightly differently to different contexts.