Power, complacency and sending (2) – David, Bathsheba and the workplace

Earlier this week, we thought through some lessons from David and Bathsheba for church life. Some time ago, we learnt that how we live together as a church family tracks out to how we live in our communities, families and workplaces.

So, here are some further thoughts on sending, power and complacency. Remember that we saw David as someone who had stopped leading and serving at the front to someone who stayed back and sent others. Sending was a sign of power and selfish power at that. He was the one who stayed where he was whilst others were  summoned and sent to do his bidding.

What does this look like in the workplace?

1. Do I see work primarily in terms of self- fulfilment? Do I have a vocation to serve or a career ladder to climb? Ask yourself the question: ” Do I go for promotions because I want a better title, more power and a higher salary or because I could be more useful and more effective  that role than in my current role?

2. Does work exist simply as means to earn money for a better life? Or do I have  a sense that work is part of my creation calling and my worship to God?

3. How do I treat colleagues, especially if I have a position of authority over them? Do I sit back and expect them to do all the work so I get the glory? Do I boss them around expecting them to take orders or do I inspire and encourage them?

4. As aboss am I the one who steps in to protect and support my team from poor work conditions, the persistent abuse and complaints of ungrateful, customers or the unfair burdens placed on them by senior management?

5. When was the last time that I took credit for somebody else’s idea? When was the last time I let someone take credit for my idea?

6. When was the last time I worked hard on getting someone else’s idea implemented and letting them get the credit for it rather than pushing for my idea to win through?

7. If on my 360 review the fruit of the spirit was listed as the characteristics to look for, would my colleagues, customers, juniors and bosses say ” Yes that’s hkm