Power, complacency and sending (4) David, Bathsheba and a different type of sending

We’ve seen the danger of being people who “send” demonstrating power, control and complacency. However, there is someone else in the Bible who sends.

God the Father Sends the Son.  Then later, He sends the Holy Spirit.

Notice here

  1. In this case, David’s descendent who is the one who is willing to be sent.
  2. The Father sends out of great love for us.
  3. The Son willingly comes. This isn’t someone obeying an order from on-high. The Father, Son and Spirit are united in this plan.
  4. The Father does not send in order to avoid a cost to himself. Rather he sends at great cost.
  5. The Father sending does not mean that he sits back at a distance. This is a vital Trinitarian truth. Where one of the members of the Trinity are present, all members of the Trinity are present.[1]

Finally, we too are sent to be Christ’s witnesses in the World. On one level we are sent as sheep among wolves but we are never sent alone. We are never left isolated and vulnerable on the frontline. He is with us through the Holy Spirit.

[1] This is the idea of perichoresis, that the members of the Trinity mutually indwell each other.