ActBC – why are we asking you to partner with us (1)

Our aim is to help people who don’t know Jesus come to know and grow in him, in order to see Bearwood and beyond transformed by the Gospel, to the Glory of God.

 We are located in an area where there is a great gospel need both in our immediate neighbourhood and the wider conurbation. We want to see people come to know Jesus and we want to see Bearwood and beyond transformed by the Gospel.

 This means we are seeking to show Christ’s love and show gospel intentionality in all that we are doing. As a local church we provide as many opportunities as possible for people who want to know Jesus to come to know him (5 weekend gatherings, home-groups, faithroots, 1-1 etc).  

 We seek out opportunities to build bridges to show love and welcome (ESOL, Toddlers, Clubs, Community Cafe, arts days, advocacy and support for refugees etc).

 We meet as a people united in our faith in the redeeming love of Jesus and through the grace of God. We care for one another and seek to support and build in those who attend a confident faith, their gifts and capabilities for God, and to equip one another to serve God’s kingdom here on earth.

 The desire to provide opportunities for people to gather wherever and whenever means we have multiplied congregations in the building and have a desire to see churches planted into other communities

 All of these things mean that we are constantly stretched as we see a great harvest field need. We are praying that God will send labourers into his harvest field. We are praying that God will send labourers into his harvest field.  We would like to employ a couple of additional workers and train many more to send out over the next few years.

 We are looking for other churches, organisations and individuals to partner with us by praying for us, coming to work with us  or sending workers and trainees and also by considering giving.

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